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CMON: Marvel United with M.T.V.B Podcast

November 30, 2021 Meeple Minded/ M.T.V.B Podcast Season 2 Episode 45
Meeple Minded
CMON: Marvel United with M.T.V.B Podcast
Show Notes

"you were made, to be ruled"
This week the usual cough "charismatic" duo of Jason & James are joined in the studio by Anthony, all round great guy and host of the M.T.V.B Podcast to talk about CMON Games chibi styled Marvel spectacular "Marvel United"

They  talk about what comes in the box, its quality, gameplay, what they like, what they dislike, if its a collection keeper and of course that all important meeple rating.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++  NEWS  +++++++++++++++++++++++++

Paul is also back with his faithful rubber duck Brian in the news shed to bring you all the news, crowdfunding campaigns & event information we think you need to know about. including but not limited too.

  • The Matrix RPG by John Stancil
  • There Is No Spoon RPG by Steve Darlington
  • Mega Man Adventures by Michael Kelley, Peter Gousis and  Blacklist Games
  • Wingspan by Elizabeth Hargrave and Stomemaier Games
  • Mariposas by Elizabeth Hargrave and Stomemaier Games
  • Mindbug: First Contact by Nerdlab Games
  • Lawnarchy by Bombasta Games
  • Speed Paper by GarzonArt
  • Mid Sussex Meeples, Burgess Hill
  • Gaming @ The Comic Shop in Crawley
  • Lewes Board Game Club @ the Trinity Gaming Cafe
  • Worthing Boardgamers @ the Ardington Hotel
  • Crawley Gaming Club @ Tilgate Community Centre


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