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Die of the Dead - Radical 8 games

January 18, 2022 Meeple Minded Season 3 Episode 2
Meeple Minded
Die of the Dead - Radical 8 games
Show Notes

"That fine line between good representation and being offensive to the culture it is trying to portray"

After the failed start to the year thanks to Jason having to self isolate last week, the BOYS are back in full swing this week as James come back into the studio to talk about the Radical 8 games dice game released in 2021 
Die of the Dead.

The boys talk about what comes in the box, the quality of the components, the gameplay, what they like & what they dislike about the game.

Paul is also back bringing you all the latest gaming news, gossip and crowdfunding campaigns we think you need to know about including:

  • The Mind, The Mind Extreme, The Quacks of Quedlinburg & Mit Quacks & Co. nach Quedlinburg by Wolfgang Warsch
  • Auch Schon Clever by Wolfgang Warsch
  • Ganz Schön Clever by Wolfgang Warsch
  • Pandemic by Z Man Games, Asmodee and Asmodee Digital
  • Pokémon TCG
  • Skytear Horde by Skytear Games
  • CoLab by Portal Dragon
  • Hike! By SnowBoardGames
  • Mid Sussex Meeples
  • Surrey Board Game Group
  • Crawley Gaming Community
  • Worthing Board Gamers
  • Lewes Board Game Club @ the Trinity Gaming Cafe
  • Dice @ Drinks in Burgess Hill
  • Crawley Gaming Club


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